The CJ Difference

Whether you are looking for a New or Refurbished Appliances. We carry a wide inventory to fit your budget please call or stop by to see our inventory.


USED and RECONDITIONED appliances are NOT the same. Used means just that. The appliance was bought new, was used for a period of time and for some reason the owner got rid of it. There are many reasons why someone would be getting rid of an appliance. Anywhere ranging from a move to a divorce, but at the end of the day they are sold as is much the same way as ones that you find at rummage and estate sales or in newspaper ads.

The word RECONDITIONED implies that a process takes place whereas used means not new. We do not sell used appliances at CJ Appliances. All of our reconditioned appliances undergo a thorough process in which they are tested and inspected, and all necessary repairs are done. Some appliances get proactive maintenance. In other words, there are some common problems among certain appliances. When we are reconditioning an appliance we address those problems whether or not the appliance needs it at that time.

Reconditioned appliances from CJ Appliances are examined for malfunctions, defects, and other issues before they are sold. Most of Our appliances come with a warranty, because we always stand by our products and services.